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Different Kinds of Irony

The act of saying or writing down something with the intention of its distinct meaning is referred to as irony. We have distinct forms of irony. These can be attributed to the different expressions that portray different kinds of irony.

Verbal irony, situational irony and dramatic irony are the different kinds of irony that we usually have. While using all these categories of irony, you will be affirming some truth. Irony was considered to be a way of expression such that the surface interpretation of a statement depicts the opposite of how it is expressed.

There are two kinds of groups of people that will comprehend an ironic statement differently. This is a form of irony that was applied long ago for amusement purposes. In verbal irony, the intention is usually to portray a difference between the expressed statement and the underlying meaning of that statement.

An ironic case whereby there is an intentional difference in the interpretation of an action as compared to the actual action is called situational irony. Dramatic or tragic irony is intentionally saying something different while doing the opposite of what has been said especially in a play.

When a speaker intentionally says something to express a different meaning of the said statement, it is described as verbal irony. Another ironic statement occurs when the speaker or writer intends for a different meaning of the given statement which is discovered by the audience. Verbal irony is usually known by its intentional reason for occurrence.

There is also a type of irony called tragic irony which is a category of dramatic irony. This happens when there is an accidental distinction in interpretation of the words and actions of a character. Ancient plays were found to possess this form of irony.

So in the case where a reader actually comprehends more information as compared to a character, it is called dramatic irony. All the types of irony usually have their purpose in written work.

Comic irony is also a distinct kind of irony. To create a sense of comedy in literature, comic irony is usually employed by the writer. Script writers also use comic irony in scripts for dramas and plays. Comic irony usually removes boredom from the written work or play thus making it more amusing.

One of the reasons as to why an author will use ironic statements is to create a situation of comedy. Irony usually creates a more appealing piece of literature. The need to have irony in written work is still found in modern literature as well as in ancient literature.

There have probably been ironic expressions in the different literature and dramas. It is usually important to understand the intended meaning of an ironic statement so that the story can be interesting.

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